Perfect Details for the Best Cleaning Process for You Now

Your carpet is very dirty and you wonder how to make it cleaner and regain its original brightness without damaging it? It’s true cleaning a rug is not such a simple thing, we’ll see lots of grandma’s tricks to make it easy for you to spot stains and cleaning products to use.

Start with a vacuum with a brush tip is very convenient to remove small crumbs that nestle in the carpet fibers.

Dry cleaning

For some carpets, dry cleaning can do the trick. In this case, you need a vacuum cleaner, a soft-bristled brush and baking soda. First, powder your carpet, then rub in a circular manner with your soft-bristled brush to get the bicarbonate back into all the fibers and let the product work for 24 hours then suck. the result is perfect and it’s simple, practical and effective.

If you do not have sodium bicarbonate go there to buy it right away in the nearest store for the overall cleaning of your carpet. The cleaning professionals often use this kind of product to clean some spots that persist and remove odors. The good at home cleaning services are important here.

Remove a stain

Still need an easy solution to clean a small stain on a carpet? you take a little water, a small brush, a spray, a little ammonia and a clean cloth. Put a few drops of ammonia in the sprayer, apply the solution to the stain and scrub with a brush and at the end a clean, dry cloth to dab the stain. After a few minutes, you will see the stain disappear.

Now you know how to clean your carpet in a few minutes and remove some lingering tasks it’s up to you to play. And if this method gives you complete satisfaction, share in comment your experience.

In the household section, several tasks are laborious and that dedicated to windows is no exception. The commercially purchased product generally leaves unsightly traces that will be difficult to remove with a cloth while being harmful to health.

Prepare a small mixture to disinfect your windows

To clean the windows, all the tricks can be at the rendezvous. Some use a small raclette, others set their sights on newsprint. Manufacturers have also multiplied the compositions to meet consumer expectations, but some chemicals are found to be harmful to health. Others use various techniques with a homemade recipe that is very easy to set up.


Only three ingredients are needed for this household workshop

In a spray bottle previously emptied and cleaned, add 25 cl of demineralised water, 5 drops of lemongrass essential oils and 15 cl of white vinegar. The latter has the distinction of being antiseptic and anti-scale. It will allow you to clean your windows without any unsightly trace. In addition, citronella is repulsive, it will be very effective during the summer when mosquitoes try to enter your home. Before each use, it is imperative to shake well to obtain a homogeneous liquid.

An application with a soft sponge if the windows are really dirty

You must then spray it on the windows without drowning them with this composition. With a micro-fiber cloth, you can clean the windows with ease. You will find that the rendering is up to all expectations. A specificity is the rendezvous especially for very dirty windows. If for example, you have projections, you can use the same mixture, but applying it with a sponge to emphasize the different areas.