Greater Options for the Proper Scrap Metals Now

It is necessary to honor private property. The price of metal waste is much lower than the cost of metal products. Therefore, engaging in their collection, you must be confident in the legality of their own actions.

Do you need permission to collect metal waste?

If you collect scrap, using a garage to separate and store it, you do not need to get a license. When delivering the color to the point of acceptance, law enforcement officers can stop you and ask where you are carrying the waste? Suffice to say it is yours. There are companies famous for used scrap metals.

The police are working stupid people who understand the impossibility of proving the opposite. It is necessary to hand over the collected ferrous or non-ferrous metal in a divided form into acceptance points leading official activities. Such a reception base does not hide the license for the type of activity, which makes it possible to ascertain the reliability of cooperation with it.

By checking the availability of a permit document, you save yourself from possible fraudulent actions. For delivery of waste metal passport you do not need. With all the desire, you will not be able to collect scrap for an amount that would be interesting to the tax authorities. A few words about pricing The prices for non-ferrous metals are not taken from the ceiling they are set by the London Metal Exchange. Informing is also influenced by domestic Russian prices. Only private buyers establish tariffs without any justification.

To condition your food, petroleum, chemical, aromatic, cosmetic or even pharmaceutical products, you use bung barrels.

What is a bung bung?

How do we close and open a bung? Find clarifications and tips to follow? You can there options for the affordable metal drum supplier in singapore.


Bung: Round opening on the top of the drum which serves to fill and empty it

  • On a PE drum, the bung is molded directly during the manufacturing process
  • On a steel barrel, the bung is an insert (octagon), crimped on the top or the lid of the barrel
  • Abuse of language, the word bonde is often used, wrongly, to talk about the bung plug

“Bung plug”: plugging accessory which serves to close the bung of the drum after filling

  • even sheet-2-bung-Beven sheet-1-bung
  • even sheet-2-bung-Aeven plastic-2bondes

Different bung plugs

Hopper drums thus have 1 or 2 “female” threaded plugs that are closed with “male” threaded plugs. There are different kinds of plugs, here are some examples:

  • To “seal” the bung, it is necessary to use a tamper-evident cap. There are metal capsules and plastic capsules, examples below.
  • Metal caps (¾ ” and 2 ”) full crimp, compatible sheet metal and plastic drums.