Exploring New Avenues to the Media Expansion Now

To try to test the different theories put forward about new media and to contribute to debates on the social integration of information and communication technologies, we propose here to treat the development of the English language press on the Internet.

The Interest

We will be interested in the emergence of the online press and ask ourselves to what extent we can talk about new media or not. It seems to us necessary above all to find out who, among the media players, has tried to take advantage of this transition to digital and how. Indeed, at the beginning of the press release on the Internet, the number of online newspapers was very limited. If we consider the media effervescence that reigns around the Internet, nothing surprising to such a sudden infatuation: to appear on the Internet is for some companies a sign of modernity and represents for the media more than just a perspective . If we also dwell on what journalists say about the Internet. Be it the General News or the advanced ones you need to know the followings.

The Analysis

In order to properly conduct our analysis on the issue of new media, we start from the idea according to which a media finds its definition in the articulation of a technique, a mode of financing, a regularity of diffusion, of content and finally the specialization of journalists. To do so, we will articulate a number of heterogeneous data defining a medium so as to find a relationship with the phenomenon studied. Once this theoretical background is established, we will study the online press offer. We will also focus on the industrialization of information content on the Internet, while focusing our thinking on the professional practices of journalists and the business model of the online press.

Media, New Media: Theoretical Approaches to the Issue

This is to present some scientific data from information and communication sciences (CIS) to clarify the transversal and partial approach on which our analysis of new media is based. There is nothing very original in this approach if we refer to the many authors who base their work on the issue of the information and culture industry.

Thus, if we accept with André Gaudereault and Philipe Marion “that a media is always born twice”, we can also bring our analysis of the online press of what these two authors call its integrative birth. According to them, “the new possibilities of a media thus remain at a stage of complementarity, dependence or continuity with regard to older and more established generic and media practices.

The Attachments with Elements:

Through these elements, we find that any media is based on a combination of several components: an information processing technique, a broadcast medium, a content and a formatting of this content (with different modes of organization and presentation of information). Through this article, we will see how these elements have evolved through the passage of such media to the Internet.

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