A Freelance3D Visualization Artist VS 3D Art Studio – 5 Things to Compare

Can’t decide who’ll put all your ideas into life? We’ve compared different 3d modeling services for you. Just read this article and make your choice.

A Freelance 3D Visualization Artist VS 3D Art Studio – 5 Things to Compare

All games developers, building companies and clients who want to change the interior are searching for professional3d visualization artists. There are probably two ways to hire such designer – find someone on freelance platforms or apply for an outsourcing company. Who’ll give you the best result?

Freelancers: the details of working with them

First of all, be ready to spend hours of searching for the right person, then even more time for discussing your project and some more for the modeling process. On such popular 3d artist portfolio websites like Behance, Freelance.com and Upwork there are hundreds of resumes for you to make a research.

What to consider while looking through resumes?

  • Working experience;
  • Examples of finished projects;
  • Average price for a project;
  • Other employers’ reviews and marks;
  • Which services a 3d visualization artist provides.

The pros of hiring a freelancer

  1. Significant cost savings as many freelancers ask little money for their work.
  2. Freelancers work at night and on weekends allowing you to finish the project earlier.
  3. Some websites allow you not to pay a freelancer until you get the perfect result.

The cons of hiring a freelancer

  1. There’s a need in hiring someone to control a freelancer’s work.
  2. The quality isn’t as predictable as on websites like this.
  3. Building long-term working relations is quite hard, it’s a common practice when a specialist is working with another project just when you need him or her so much.

3D art outsourcing: the details of working with art studios

The most important thing about hiring the whole group of specialists is that you don’t need to control anything except the deadlines. To find a promising company look through the Google results or find who’s services your peers used. We recommend you to look at 3dreach, maybe this company is just what you’re searching for.

The pros of working with a studio

  1. You get a project made on high-quality 3d modeling software.
  2. Thanks to employers’ experience they’ve developed different business models for any needs.
  3. The standards in studios require checking every project twice or three times.

The cons of hiring a studio

  1. As studios use a lot of pre-made textures, be ready to have many things in common with your peers.
  2. The prices may be higher.


Of course, the final decision depends on many factors. You should consider the amount of work, the difficulty of tasks and your budget. But if you incline to work with a studio, visit 3dreach website to know which services they provide to clients.